Witchcraft Items and Essential Correspondences.

The following items are NOT essential to your practice, but they can definitely be beneficial! We have also included some fantastic information on common herbs, crystals and colour correspondences to help you add power to your magick!

Common Items of the Witch


Fire proof container to craft spells/brews/potions. Symbol of the Goddess.


The tool used for directing energy in spell work. Traditionally made of wood and is a symbol of Fire.


The flat working space that will hold your magickal working items and energies.

A variety of colours, shapes and sizes for deity and elemental representation, spell work and scrying.

Element Representations
Items to represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Typically; a candle for Fire, incense for Air, a chalice or small bowl of water for Water and salt or crystals for Earth. Spirit is open to the practitioner to interpret but the cauldron can be used as it symbolises renewal.

The Witch’s Broom! Used measure boundaries for circles and sweeping away negative energies/cleansing the ritual space.


Similar to the wand with its energy transferring use, this is a double edged ritual knife that represents Air and the God.

The five pointed star within a circle, representing the 5 elements and protection.

Many uses for incense! From cleansing, to spells to deity work. The choice is yours!


Here you can find the most common crystals used in witchcraft and our favourites to use at Flange and Prong, plus a handy birthstone chart!

Colour Correspondences

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will give you a good base for using colours in your magickal life! Colours can be used as candles or ribbons in spells or for everyday magick, wear the colours!


Below we have included an extensive but not exhaustive list of common herbs and their magickal properties! These are all herbs that we, at Flange and Prong, have in stock at any given time!

  • Ground Ivy

Protection, healing, fertility, and love. Hang an ivy plant in front of the home to repel negative influence and discourage unwanted guests.

  • Devils Shoestring

Protection, gambling, luck, power and employment.

  • Willow Bark

Brings blessings of the moon into one’s life and guards against negativity & evil forces. Used in healing spells.

  • Buckwheat Herb

Money, protection, and fasting. Use in charms and spells to obtain treasure, riches, and wealth.

  • Marigold/Calendula

Protection, legal matters, and psychic/spiritual powers. Pick at noon for comfort and strength. Place garlands of calendula at doors to prevent evil from entering. Scatter under the bed for protection and to make dreams come true. Carry to help justice favor you in court.

  • Nettle

Magickal uses include dispelling darkness & fear, strengthening the will, and aiding in the ability to handle emergencies. Sprinkle in the home to drive off evil & negativity. Carry in a sachet or use with a poppet to turn back a spell on the one who cast it. Sprinkle on self to remove petty jealousies, gossip, envy, and uncomfortable situations.

  • Fennel Seed

Imparts strength, vitality, sexual virility; prevents curses, possession and negative problems. Use in spells for protection, healing, and purification.

  • Tulsi Leaf Basil

Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection.

  • Avens Wood

Exorcism, Purification, Love. Brings protection to the home, kindred, and self. A whole root is needed for an amulet. Burn ground or cut root to promote blessings and keep out negativity.

  • Coriander Seed

Love, health, immortality, and protection.

  • Oak Leaf & Oak Galls

The most sacred of all trees, its wood is often used in the making of magickal tools. Burn the leaves for purification. Use in fertility amulets. Hang a sprig in the home to ward of negativity and strengthen family unity. Carry for wisdom and strength, for luck, to preserve youthfulness, and/or to increase attractiveness.

  • Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek can be used for psychic protection and grounding. It helps the practitioner to return to the here and now after a shamanic journey. It can help with centring and focusing one’s intention. It has also been used in money magic.

  • Solomons Seal

Magickally used for protection and cleansing. Used in offertory incense. Used to bind magickal workings and keep sacred oaths & promises forever binding. Carry in an amulet or sachet for all-purpose protection. Use in protection magick to exorcise spirits and ward off negative influences and demons. Keep on altar to promote success in all rituals. Sprinkle an infusion of the root to drive away evil.

  • Damiana

Lust, sex magick and attracting love. Useful for any love or sex spells. Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities. It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quartz crystal. Highly useful in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quests. Note: Internal use of this herb can be toxic to the liver.

  • Cinnamon

Spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength, and prosperity. Burn as an incense or use in a sachet to raise spiritual and protective vibrations, draw money, and stimulate psychic powers.

  • Lemon Peel

Cleansing, spiritual opening, purification, and removal of blockages. Add lemon peel to love sachets and mixtures.

  • Orange Peel

Magickal uses include love, divination, luck, money and house & business blessing. Add to love sachets to help someone make up their mind. Use in sachets & amulets to bring luck to business negotiations.

  • Daisy Flower

Love, luck, and innocence. Associated with babies and newborn infants. Incorporate into baby blessings & Wiccanings or to bring protective Magick into a baby’s sleeping area. Wear or carry to draw love.

  • Rose Petals

Magickal uses include divine love, close friendships, domestic peace/happiness, and lasting relationships.

  • Liquorice Root

Love, lust, and fidelity. Carry to attract a lover.

  • Golden Rod

Money, divination

  • Cumin

Fidelity, protection, and exorcism. The seed is said to prevent the theft of any object which contains it. Burn with frankincense for protection. Scatter on the floor alone or with salt to drive out evil. Use in love spells to promote fidelity. Steep in wine to make love potions.

  • Jezebel Root

Used for spells and castings for money and achievement. Also used to place curses and hexes.

  • Poppy Seeds

Pleasure, heightened awareness, love, luck, invisibility. A popular ingredient in food magick. Sleep on a pillow stuffed with poppy seeds to bring relief from insomnia.

  • Mallow Leaf

Mallow is carried to attract love. The flowers are used in Beltaine rituals, for garlands and altar decorations. They can also be added to ritual baths, especially for those to encourage and invoke fertility and lust also protection and exorcism.

  • Bay Leaf

Protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and psychic powers.

  • Sage

Used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss. Carried to improve mental ability and bring wisdom. Used in healing sachets & incense. Promotes spiritual, mental, emotional & physical health and longevity. Removes negative energy.

  • Thyme

Attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others. Wear a sprig to ward off unbearable grief or provide strength and courage when needed. Burn or hang in the home for banishing, purification, and to attract good health for all occupants. Use in cleansing baths prior to working candle magick. Use in dream pillows to ward off nightmares and ensure restful sleep. Add a thyme infusion to the bath regularly to ensure a constant flow of money. Place in a jar and keep in the home or at work for good luck.

  • Mugwort

Carried to increase lust & fertility, prevent backache and cure disease & madness. Place around divination and scrying tools to increase their power or near the bed to enable astral travel. Use in sleep pillow or place in a sachet under your pillowcase to bring about prophetic dreams. Use an infusion of mugwort to clean crystal balls and magick mirrors.

  • Rosemary

Carried and used in healing poppets for good health, used in love/lust spells, worn to improve memory, used in dream pillows to prevent nightmares, burned as incense for purification and removing negativity.

  • Alder Cones

Associated with divination, music, poetry, wind magick, weather magick, teaching, and decision making. Also used in rituals of death & dying to provide protection for the deceased

  • Blackthorn Thorns

Blackthorn is a winter tree and used in protection against evil, creating boundaries, purifying, confronting our own dark side. Blackthorn dispels negativity, toxins, old wounds, and impurities. It can be used in exorcisms. It is associated with chthonic and protective deities. Blackthorn can be used to inflict strife in any direction. It is the wielder of this magick that decides how that power will be used. As a protector, Blackthorn is potent for the protected and ominous for the would be perpetrator.

  • Star Anise

Burned as incense to increase psychic awareness & abilities. Placed on the altar to increase the power generated. Carried to bring luck.

  • Hibiscus Leaf & Flower

Attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams. Carry in a sachet or burn as incense to attract love.

  • Ginger

Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, and success. Adds to the strength and speed of any mixture of which it is a part. Place in amulet, mojo, or medicine bag to promote good health & protection. Use in herbal mixtures for the consecration of athames to strengthen and energize the ritual blade. A ginger root in the form of a human is a very powerful magickal token.

  • White Horehound

Sacred to Horus. Protective; helps with mental clarity during ritual; stimulates creativity/inspiration; balances personal energies. Excellent for use in home blessings. Place near doorways to keep trouble away.

  • Marjoram

Cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Place under pillow to bring revealing dreams. Place in the corners of the home for protection. Use in love spells or place in food to strengthen love. Carry for protection or place in money mixtures and sachets to draw wealth.

  • Barberry Bark

Cleansing, sorcery, atonement, freeing oneself from the power or control of another.

  • Amaranth

Healing, summoning spirits, healing broken hearts, protection from bullets, and invisibility.

  • Wormwood

Wormwood is a close counterpart to Mugwort and has very similar properties, being of the same family. It is used mainly as a Cleansing and Divinatory herb. Burnt as an incense, it is used to banish negativity and evil spirits, and also to aid in divination and scrying of all forms. Made into an infusion, it can aid in prophetic dreams and astral projection.

  • Lemon Verbena

Worn to increase attractiveness or to bed to prevent dreams. Added to other herbal mixtures and charms to increase their effectiveness. Used in purification baths.

  • Hyssop

The most widely used purification herb in magick. Lightens vibrations and promotes spiritual opening; used for cleansing and purification. Said to protect property against burglars and trespassers. Used to consecrate magickal tools or items made of tin. The best herb for physical cleansing and washing of temple, ritual tools, or oneself (bath magick). Add to baths & sachets, infuse and sprinkle on objects/people for cleansing or hang in the home to purge it of evil & negativity.

  • Dock Seed

Money spells

  • Hearts Tongue Fern

Mental clarity, cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Keep in room where studying is done to help concentration. Burn a sprig of fern before an exam. Use in sachets and amulets for powerful auric protection.

  • Fumitory

Associated with the underworld. Excellent for use at Samhain. Infusion is useful as a wash for consecrating ritual tools. Use in purification ritualswhen moving into a new residence.

Make an infusion, then sprinkle the infusion around the house and rub on the bottom of shoes to bring quick financial gain.

  • Ash Keys

Sea spells/magick/rituals, image magick, invincibility, protection from drowning, general protection, and luck. Burning an ash log at Yule brings prosperity. The leaf of this plant is used for travel safety.

  • Agrimony

Overcoming fear & inner blockages; dispelling negative emotions. Also used for reversing spells. Sew into a dream pillow with Mugwort for best results. Use as a wash or oil to increase the effectiveness of all forms of healing rituals. Wards off evil entities and poison.

  • Dragons Blood

Protection, energy, and purification. Burn as an incense to increase the potency of a spell. Has strong banishing powers against negative influences and bad habits. A pinch under the mattress is believed to prevent impotency. Used as a form of magickal ink. Carry or sprinkle around the home or place of business to drive away negativity. Carry or wear for good luck.

  • Vervain

Protection, purification, money, youth, peace, healing, and sleep. Bury in the yard or keep in the home to encourage wealth, protect from lightning & storms, and bring peace. Put under the pillow to prevent nightmares. Use as an incense to end unrequited love. Use in prosperity spells. Carry to prevent depression and/or bring creativity. Use in cleansing baths and rituals before working magick. Use in amulets, sachets, dream pillows, and baths for all-purpose protection of home sand people (especially children).

  • Hops

Relaxing and sleep producing; a fantastic herb for dream pillows. Believed to increase the restfulness & serenity of sleep. Also used for healing rituals, sachets, and incense.

  • Madder Root

The plant is thought to be ruled by Mars. Madder teaches us about about being steadfast, strong, and enduring. It reminds us to protect our vulnerabilities and stand our ground as we boldly extend our energies into the world.  Madder can also call our attention to finding positive, productive ways to eliminate and dissolve unnecessary, excessive, or misplaced anger and aggression – helping us to find balance and peace. 

  • Jamaican Dogwood

Wishes, protection, and good health. Used in meetings in which attendees must maintain confidence on the topics of discussion. Used to guard diaries, journals, and Books of Shadows. Seal letters with dogwood oil to keep the contents for intended eyes only.

  • Juniper Berry

Banishes all things injurious to good health; attracts good, healthy energies and love. Juniper berries can be carried by males to increase potency. Use a string of juniper berries to attract love. Burn for magickal protection. Place a sprig of juniper near the door to a home or with valuables to help safeguard against theft (but keeping locking the doors, too!). Use juniper oil in magickal workings to increase money and prosperity.

  • Cardamon

Lust, love, passion, clarity, uplifting and protection

  • Parsley

Protection Spells, Purification Baths, Love Spells, Fertility Magic
    Death Magic, Spirit Work, Ancestral Veneration

  • Conkers

banishing rituals spellwork,  blessing a new home to attract abundance and prosperity, peace.

  • Bilberry Leaf

Used for protection.

Also Called: Whortleberry, Black Whortles, Whinberry, Huckleberry, Bleaberry, Blueberry, Airelle

  • Mullein

Protection from nightmares & sorcery, courage, cursing, and invoking spirits. Place beneath pillow or use in dream pillow to guard against nightmares. Carry to instill courage and help attract love from the opposite sex. Use in place of graveyard dust in spells. Wear to keep wild animals at bay in unfamiliar areas. Burn to banish bad influences and bring an immediate halt to bad habits.

  • Sandalwood

Scatter sandalwood powder around the home to clear it of negativity. Burn during protection, healing, and exorcism spells. Use the wood for healing wands. Write your wish on a chip of sandalwood and burn it in the censer or cauldron while visualizing your wish to make it come true. Helps in healing by aligning the chakras for better energy flow. Good for meditation, healing, and manifestation. Facilitates concentration.

  • Mint

Promotes energy, communication and vitality. Draws customers to a business. Use dried leaves to stuff a green poppet for healing. Place in wallet or purse or rub on money to bring wealth and prosperity. Use on the altar to draw good spirits to assist in your magick. Place in the home for protection.

  • Orris Root

Used to bring love, romance, companionship and a loving mate.

  • Lavender

Magickal uses include love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, and peace. Promotes healing from depression.

  • Cloves

Magickal uses include protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought. Cloves are burned to stop gossip as well as to purify & raise the spiritual vibrations of an area. Exorcism, love, money, and protection.

  • Allspice Berries

Money, luck, healing, obtaining treasure. Provides added determination and energy to any spells and charms. Burn crushed allspice to attract luck and money. Use in herbal baths for healing.

Also Called: Jamaica Pepper

  • Penny Royal

Magickal uses include peace and tranquility. Carried to avoid seasickness or for physical strength & endurance. Worn to bring success to business. Use to rid the home of negative thoughts against you. Carry when dealing with negative vibrations of any kind. Place on a candle before or during uncomfortable meetings.

  • Chickory Root

strength, divination, favors, frugality, invisibility, good luck, frigidity, curse removal

  • Amber Resin

Protection from harm, outside influences, and psychic attacks. Mental clarity & focus. Transforming negative energy to positive energy.

  • Burdock Root

Used for cleansing magick when feeling highly negative about oneself or others. Use in protection incenses and spells. Rinse with a decoction of burdock to remove negative feelings about yourself or others.

  • Lemongrass

Psychic cleansing and opening, lust potions.

  • Elderflower

Sleep, releasing enchantments, protection against negativity, wisdom, house blessing and business blessing. Elder flowers are useful in dream pillows. Wear to provide protection against evil, negativity, attackers, and the temptation to commit adultery. Used in rites of death & dying to protect the loved one during transport to the Otherworld.

  • Speedwell


  • Eucalyptus

Attracts healing vibrations, great for protection and healing sachets. Use to purify any space. Use dried leaves to stuff healing poppets, pillows, or sachets. Arrange a ring of dried leaves around a blue candle and burn the candle for healing vibrations. Carry in a sachet or amulet to help reconcile difficulties in a relationship, for protection, and/or to maintain health.

  • Tonka Bean

Magickal uses include rituals and spells for love, wishes and courage. Worn to gain prosperity & courage. Carried to grant luck & protect from disease and/or to attract love. Promotes the accomplishment of goals. Keep on the altar when performing love magick to enhance intent. Carry in a red flannel bag to attract good fortune and financial success, especially when attending business negotiations or job interviews. A favorite hoodoo good luck charm to make wishes come true.

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