What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a belief system that uses magical energies to manifest change. It is generally used alongside the Pagan lifestyle and religion, but they are not mutually exclusive. Witchcraft uses charms, spells, rituals, talismans, herbs, amulets and many other natural ingredients to alter the energies around the practitioner in a positive way. Witches do not wish to cause to harm to any other living thing and strive to coexist peacefully with the universe. Generally speaking, a witch may also have psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairsentience or mediumship skills. A Witch can be of any gender or sexual orientation.

How Do I Know This Is The Right Path?

For most people it’s an awakening, it’s something you feel from child but you can’t quite place. However, you know it’s there, that feeling of being a bit ‘different’.Things start to have a resonance, you recognise symbols and shapes but you don’t know how, you seem to know things intuitively, you seem to be able to see things before they happen. Sometimes you’ll feel otherworldly but don’t know why. You pick up a pack of tarot cards and you intuitively know how to read them or you’ll be very good at palm reading, very good with the dowsing pendulum. Once you start to be with like-minded people, the whole thing starts falling into place.

Solitary Practitioner

A solitary witch is an individual who chooses to practice their beliefs without a coven or study group. They may choose to attend communal activities such as moots, open rituals or other ceremonies. A solitary witch can follow any path, there is no right or wrong way to practice.

Coven Based Practice

A coven is a group of like minded witchcraft practitioners who have made the decision, always with free will, to come together in an exclusive study group with the intention of learning witchcraft as a group. There are many different types of covens, they vary widely, with each coven following different traditions, practices and learning styles. Some covens may follow the Wiccan Degree system whilst others may focus more on ritual and spell work and others may have a more general approach to studying and progressing. Being part of a coven is not essential to being a witch.

Getting Started On Your Journey

You can start with reaching out to your local Pagan and witchcraft community, attending moots, gatherings or visiting a local witchcraft/Pagan shop. There are many books to explore that can help you discover your path and joining social media groups can also be a valuable tool to growing your knowledge and interest base. Follow your intuition and ensure you feel safe at all times.

Types of Witchcraft Paths

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