Tradition Of The Ancient Dawn

Old Path Witchcraft For The Modern Day

The Tradition of the Ancient Dawn was created by Shelley Mayes and Tessa Lowe in 2022. It focuses heavily on understanding the intrinsic nature of Witchcraft, with strong reverence for the Ancestors and Old Ones. This Tradition aims to educate the dedicants in a way that enables them to experience the rich and diverse history of witchcraft whilst also weaving the practice of magical workings into everyday life. The Tradition of the Ancient Dawn is a Traditional Witchcraft path, creating a lifestyle that empowers the followers with strong foundations and a deep respect for our past, present and future whilst building on and reinforcing the inner, intuitive, knowledge of the Earth and all of her Elements – Physical or Metaphysical. This is an initiatory path, beginning at Fledgling and then moving through the 5 initiation steps with Ascendant being the final phase.

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