How do spells work and how to safely perform them.

Spells or magic, are considered to be the act of making ‘a change by the force of will’. By raising energy and setting our intention, we send this force out into the universe, causing energetic changes and alter our lives. We use ingredients and chants to strengthen the force/energy used, and we always stay mindful of the three fold law.
For safe spell casting:
Always use a designated space, consecrate and cast a circle of protection. Ground and protect yourself. State your intention, ask for need not greed. Always be responsible for what you ask for, and never change someone’s will. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.


Here’s a few ideas for some basic protection spells. Something important to remember is, negative energies cannot pass through salt, so putting a ring of salt around your home, or in doorways and windowsills, creates a protective boundary against negative/harmful energies. To create a protection jar, first follow the steps for safe spell casting above, and then:

  • Fill a small jar or bottle with salt, mugwort, lavender, rose petals and rose quartz pieces. As you add each item, focus on your intention of protection.
  • Seal the jar and put it by a door or windowsill to protect your home.
  • Every so often give the jar a shake and reaffirm the intention of your spell.


Please remember that you cannot and should not try to change someones will. These spells are to strengthen to love and bond you already have with someone. They are not to force another to be in love with you.
Before you begin your spell work, cast your circle and set your intention.

To keep your love strong and attraction alive:
Put a photo of yourself face to face with your loved one and tie with a red ribbon. Place it in the drawer you keep your undergarments in. To break this charm, untie the photographs and burn them.

To keep your love and bond strong (binding another to you):
Place a meter of ribbon around a salt and pepper pot, keeping them apart but bound. Each day turn the pots in, towards each other, maintaining the binding. By day 10 the pots should be side by side. Keep bound together, in a safe place, to keep your love strong.


A spell to promote good health for your chosen person. After setting up the items on your altar, set your intention and cast your circle. The items used in this spell are used to magnify your intent, however you can place the non perishable items into a small charm bag after you have completed the spell to remind you of your intent and so you can reaffirm it whenever you feel necessary.

You will need:
Something pure gold
White candle
Yellow flowers
Clear quartz crystal

Light the candle, and place the other items onto your altar, cast circle and set intention.

Visualise and focus on who you wish to be healthy and then chant:

Body be healthy
Body be strong
Perfect health to (insert name)
And so mote it be


Abundance doesn’t necessarily mean money, it can mean an abundance of health, love, positivity etc. When you create and say your abundance affirmation, be very clear in what you are asking for.

You will need:
A green candle on a fireproof dish.
Dried dill, rosemary, nutmeg and cinnamon.

After setting intention and casting your circle, light the candle.
Sprinkle the dried herbs around the base of the candle and say your abundance affirmation, such as:
‘As I bring these charms together, let abundance be mine’

Let the candle burn down and once completed say ‘so it is’.

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