Meditation (from £20)

Meditation has so many benefits for physical and mental health. It can also support you on your spiritual journey, connecting you to our own energetic field and helping you to feel grounded and secure.

Energy Healing £20

Connecting with the divine healing powers of the universe, the practitioner intuitively works with your aura and chakras to remove blocks, clear negativity and promote spiritual growth and healing.

Spiritual Awareness Courses £75

Starting at level one and progressing to level two, these six week courses provide a fantastic launch pad into deeper spiritual and psychic awareness. Covering everything from grounding meditations to using divination to read for others, this course allows you to grow and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Past Life Regression £35

Tapping into who you were in a previous life and how it impacts on your current life. A deep, hypnotic and meditative experience in which you are gently guided into the deepest recesses of your memories to access your past lives. The messages and memories will be typed out for you afterwards for reflection and personal research.

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