Divination & Psychic Readings

Tarot Card £20

Book a tarot card reading to delve into the energies of your past, present and future self. Tarot card readings are an in-depth look into your life and can bring clarity, closure and comfort to those who seek it. Each reader has a different approach and will pick up on different energies around you. Occasionally, it is not possible for us to connect with you, and so in the case of this happening, you will be offered a different service or reader.

Spiritual Reading £20

Tess will connect directly with your guides and guardians to answer up to 5 questions you have about your life path and spiritual journey. Insightful, Affirming and great way to get a boost or even a starting point for your healing and growth.

Mediumship £25

Connecting with the Spirits who wish to communicate with you, Tess will deliver your message in a variety of ways, depending on what your loved one would like to say. Tess uses her clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities, to establish this connection and hopes to bring you peace and closure with the messages she receives.

Tea Leaf £15

Sit down, have a lovely cup of magical tea that has been brewed to perfection, and let Chris divine your past, present and future! These readings are in-depth and meaningful and can bring out many different messages.

Oracle Card £15

Oracle cards give a fantastic overview of the energies that you are working with in the present time. They may highlight areas of your life or self that need extra attention right now, and can give you a glimpse into the future.

Palm Reading £8

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