Chloris Celebrants

Chloris was born in 2019, to Shelley and Sarah, both qualified wedding and funeral celebrants, With the purpose of offering bespoke, personalised and comprehensive range of services, Chloris has proven to be an absolute blessing for those wanting something a little different for their celebrations.

Shelley, an ordained, interfaith minister and High Priestess, has many years experience of handfastings, naming days and blessings, whilst Sarah is an experienced spiritual worker. Together they form a wonderful team, filled with compassion, empathy and a real drive for making your day perfect! The uniqueness of Chloris is you get two pagan female celebrants to take your service and with a vast amount of experience and knowledge between them, almost anything is possible!


Handfasting. From £350

Handfasting on the beach

A handfasting is an ancient traditional practice in which a couple marries without an official document, however, we hope the laws changes soon to make this a legal service.

It can be a betrothal where you agree to be together for a year and a day before committing to a marriage, or a vow renewal that bonds a couple who are already married and strengthens their relationship.

Hand-fasting is the tying of the hands, usually referred to as tying the knot in a traditional wedding.

At Chloris we give you a personalised service adding in all your chosen elements, incorporating a script that has been written just for you, and tailored to your specifications. We are based in Lincolnshire, but we will consider travelling further afield. Your service can be held in your home, your garden, the woods, the seaside, at a hotel or anywhere as long as you have the permission to use the land.

Suggestions for themes:


Storybooks such as Alice in Wonderland

Films such as Harry Potter.

Fairy or Elven


Pagan or Wiccan


Plus many more.

Spiritual Adoption Altar

Naming Ceremonies from £50

A lovely bespoke service to celebrate the birth of a baby, or the renaming of a child or person.Each script is individually written and can incorporate anything you may wish to add that is specific to your needs.

Reasons to rename:


Blended families

Gender Affirmation Ceremony


Deed poll changes

Adult adoption

This list is not exhaustive.

Items available for hire

Specialised Funeral Services from £150

Funerals (£200), Return to Earth, Scattering of Ashes, memorials or pet memorial.

We offer a range a services to give your loved ones a beautiful final ceremony, we are both qualified funeral celebrants and can offer many types of ways to remember your loved ones at anytime, it does not have to be always a funeral, it’s a form of remembrance so you’re remembering the fun and fond memories and what that person meant to you.

As a predominantly pagan service we also specialise in rite of passage.

Memorials can include


Pet memorials

Armed forces

Father’s Day remembrance

Mother’s Day remembrance

Birthday remembrance

Anniversary remembrance

Any significant date.

We have a specialised service for babies before 24 weeks please look at Cherub Babies for more information.

Home Blessings £50

Blessing can be given to anything, houses, boats, or places of work when it feels a little restless. A blessing can restore calm to a stressful situation.

We at Chloris can bless your new home, existing home or any form of abode.

It’s a beautiful service that has a deep spiritual link.

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